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Robbie Rotten is the town's most lovable villain. His famous utterances are "It's Disguise Time!" and "FOREEEVERR..."

He lives alone in his secret underground lair, which is stocked full of gidgets and gadgets that he uses to create diabolical inventions to terrorize the town.

When he's not sleeping, Robbie is usually keeping tabs on the "overactive blue elf" named Sportacus, through his on-land periscope, or sneaking around the town, enviously observing the kids play, always thinking of some devious way to ruin their fun.

Mr. Rotten wants people to be lazy, careless, greedy, and generally just as rotten as he is. Oh, and another big gripe of his, is he wants 'to be listened to'. He yearns for the days of his tyranny over LazyTown, when everyone ate junk-food and did absolutely nothing all the time. No "music-ing", no 'dancing', no 'noise' whatsoever! Then "that pink girl" came along. In his opinion, Stephanie, along with "Sportaflick", trampled on his lazy paradise.

He loves to masquerade in different disguises, but you can always tell it's him from his indigo blue and purple colors. His hair style is obviously derived from the 50's Elvis days, while his spats are even more out-dated, as is his ineptitude and contempt towards technology. As a result, his inventions are always tinkered together, the old fashioned Rube Goldberg way.

Robbie's taste in music resides around the 'Cha-Cha' and 'Ballroom Dancing'. He prefers cake to candy. And, last but not least, he ultimately wants to join the fun going on just above his head. But first, he'll have ta remove those squeeky pieces of orange chair-fluff from his ears...

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