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With Julianna Rose Mauriello

May 3rd, 2006

    The following is the LTP transcribed interview from Julianna Rose Mauriello's appearance on
The Tony Danza Show

    TONY: My next guest has performed on Broadway along side the legendary Bernadette Peters in "Gypsy". She's currently starring in a children's series on Nick Jr. called "LazyTown".

    Please welcome Julianna Rose Mauriello!

    TONY: Welcome to the show.

    JRM: Thank you, it's nice to be here!

    TONY: How old are you, may I ask?

    JRM: I'm 14. I'll be 15 in May.

    TONY: May what?

    JRM: 26th.

    TONY: May 26th, well Happy Birthday.

    JRM: Thank you. I have a gift for you.

    TONY: A gift?

    JRM: It's, um, a Sportacus hat. Sportacus is the hero on the show, and I thought you could be a superhero for a day!

    TONY: How does it go on?

    JRM: I think -- like that [she adjusts the hat on his head]. There ya go! Wait, maybe a little to the side, there ya go.

    TONY: Just don't want my ears to be flappin' out like that. (laughter)

    JRM: You can tuck 'em under.

    TONY: [he pulls the hat over his ears] Yeh, well, maybe I... I dunno -- ARRRGGH! I LIKE this hat! (laughter)

    JRM: It's a great hat, you're a superhero!

    TONY: [he takes the hat off] Anyway, thank you very much, Julianna.

    JRM: You're welcome.

    TONY: So, the show is called "LazyTown". What's the age -- what's your demographic they're after?

    JRM: It's a preschool show.

    TONY: Preschool.

    JRM: Yep, kids.

    TONY: And it teaches what?

    JRM: Well, um, it's a show, and I play Stephanie in the show; This little girl with the bright pink hair. And there's a superhero named Sportacus, and a villain named Robbie Rotten. And the show is about motivating kids to be healthy and make good choices. So, it has a great message, but it's also fun, and we have alot of fun, and it's funny.

    TONY: It's done in Iceland?

    JRM: Yeh, we film in Iceland. So I live there.

    TONY: You live in Iceland?

    JRM: When we film.

    TONY: I think ya better get a better agent! (laughter)

    JRM: (laughing) No.

    TONY: Why Iceland, I don't understand?

    JRM: The creator's Icelandic, and the crew is Icelandic. So it's easier to film there.

    TONY: So, how did you end up with this job? What did they do, they advertised in the 'Hollywood Reporter' --

    JRM: No, no.

    TONY: "Come to Iceland"?

    JRM: My agent sent me on the audition.

    TONY: I rest my case! (laughter)

    JRM: Um, not many kids went out for the audition, 'cause nobody wanted to move to Iceland. But I thought "Why not?". You know, it's a great show and --

    TONY: What's it like living in Iceland?

    JRM: It's, it's --

    TONY: And where do you live? Where in Iceland?

    JRM: I live in Reykjavík, which is the main city.

    TONY: No, I know. That's where Reagan went to the summit with uh, Gorbachev.

    JRM: Right.

    TONY: So, so, you know, I'm interested in Iceland. I don't wanna take you off the --

    JRM: Yeh, it's really incredible, actually. Like, I'm a New Yorker, you know, I live here, um, that's my home. But In Iceland, the really cool thing about it is that it's got this great country, and like, the landscape is really beautiful, and it's got glacial lagoons and big volcanos and stuff, and it's really different, like, outta this world! So...

    TONY: Do you go to school there?

    JRM: I get tutored, I get homeschooled, yeh.

    TONY: Tutored on the side, yeh, okay. So, lemme ask you a question, 'cause I'm interested in Global Warming, and I haven't been to Iceland. And since you're there and you're talkin' about kids making good choices; How do they feel about Global Warming in Iceland?

    JRM: Um, I'm not sure how they feel, um, I don't feel that great about it, though. I mean the glaciers aren't close to the city, you have to drive out and see them. But the glaciers are melting and it is very obvious, and it's a problem.

    TONY: When you talk to people there, do they voice any kind of worries about it?

    JRM: Yeh, I'm sure they do, I think everybody does. Yeh, the country is probably very worried about it. But --

    TONY: I'm just wondering if that's a 'theme' there, because we hear so much about it. And Iceland being the focus of it because of the melting of the glaciers.

    JRM: It's not like a big thing, it's not like you hear about it on a daily basis. But --

    TONY: That's interesting, yeh, that's interesting. So, so, um, you worked with Bernadette Peters on Broadway?

    JRM: Yes.

    TONY: That must've been great, she's a good friend of mine, she's a great woman.

    JRM: She's a lovely woman, she's so talented.

    TONY: Did you like being on Broadway, did you like doing 8 shows a week?

    JRM: I did, it was tough, but it was mostly just fun, and like, I was a really little kid. I was only 11 when I started "Oklahoma!" and we just had a blast basically, and I just got to have fun on stage and just dance around!

    TONY: Whatdya see yourself when you grow up? I mean, whatdya see yourself? Do ya? Do ya think about the future?

    JRM: Yeh I do, I mean, I wanna be an actress, like, this is what I love. Um, I think the next thing I really wanna do is movies, 'cause I've never done that. Um, but, yeh, I see myself as an actress.

    TONY: Do you plan on studying? Do you plan on going to school for it? Or is this 'on-the-job' training enough?

    JRM: Um, I go to a performing arts school, actually. A professional performing arts school. Um, and I do study. I take dance, and singing and acting, outside of school. So --

    TONY: Are you a tap dancer as well?

    JRM: I am, yes. I do tap, jazz, ballet, everything.

    TONY: Well, it's wonderful to meet you, and I think you're just -- And the show is terrific -- It's so, it's so -- It really is something, folks. It actually does make an attempt to -- you know -- in the midst of all this fun, to say to kids 'This is the way to go!'.

    JRM: Yeh, and it's about, you know, healthy exercising, and eating like, fruits and vegetables, but it's also about making good choices in life.

    TONY: It's also like when you said to him 'we're sorry we said you were too small'. It's also about sensitivity to other people.

    JRM: Yeh! Yeh! It's about everything. Not just health, but, you know, not being selfish and sharing with others. And --

    TONY: Civil.

    JRM: Yeh, civil.

    TONY: You are great. It's such a pleasure to meet you.

    JRM: (laughter) Thank you!

    TONY: I appreciate my hat. [he puts on the Sportacus hat] (laughter)

    JRM: Yup. You can exercise in that! (laughter)

    TONY: LazyTown returns for a second season on May 15th, on Nick Jr. at 12:00pm. That's great! It was a pleasure to meet you.

    JRM: You too!

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